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MD, Anahuac University;

MPH, University of Minnesota



Early Childhood Educator; Public Health Consultant; Community Volunteer


I was born and raised in Mexico City and came to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in Public Health, with a focus on Community-Based Research and health education. After having my own children, I became deeply interested in the U.S. education system and became captivated by the potential of the U.S. public education system to offer a high-quality education to every student, regardless of their background or circumstances. 


This new interest led me to learn more about how education works in the U.S. It motivated me to get involved in different roles and projects in Mercer Island's community and the school district.

Through my involvement, I've had the privilege of contributing to significant efforts. This includes serving on the Superintendent Teaching & Learning Advisory and the Superintendent Equity Advisory Council. I also took on the role of Co-VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the MI PTA Council, and volunteered with the Justice & Understanding Support Team at Islander Middle School. Additionally, I led the Green Team at Island Park Elementary and coached volleyball at the MI Boys & Girls Club. These experiences have not only honed my capacity for active listening but also equipped me with the skills to make informed decisions rooted in thorough research, tailored to the specific needs and resources of the communities I serve. With a deep commitment to enhancing the educational experience for all students, my drive is to further contribute as a School Board Director, aiming to ensure equitable and inclusive opportunities for every learner in our district.

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